Learn A Role In A Ballet Rehearsal

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by Casey Herd

Join Casey Herd in the studio to learn the choreography of an actual ballet. We will be rehearsing a piece of your choice from a selection of ballets that Mr. Herd will be teaching step by step. Whether you are an experienced dancer or learning ballet for the first time, he will tailor it to your level. 

Once we have the steps in working order we can begin putting them on the music. After that, we will talk about the artistic intention of the role and finally put it together for a run-through as if we were preparing it for the stage. The whole process will take 1.5 hours and will give you a clear idea of what it takes to learn ballet and how to get it ready for a performance.

In this form, you cease to be an observer.  The art becomes you even if for fleeting moments throughout you’ll become one with your body in motion. It is an experience of ballet unrivaled by merely watching the show. Through this experience, we’ll facilitate a feeling of knowing the ballet in your bones. You can’t buy that anywhere – but here.

In-person only – your presence for this exclusive event in Amsterdam is required.

The Inner World of Ballet

This is the perfect introduction to the inner world of world-class ballet behind the scenes at the level of technique. It’s perfect for a fan of the art who wants to reach beyond the scenes into the process and practice of professional ballet.

Both in-person and virtual options are available depending on whether you can make it to Amsterdam or if you prefer to beam in via video feed.

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